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Boxer Performance was started in late 1999 by Mark (Lennie) Lennon after he purchased a 1998 BMW R1100S and decided to modify and tune the bike for better power delivery.

Boxer Performance is your only source for the InDuct, the large bore carbon fibre intakes and the home of Lennies Rocket Sprockets.

InDuct : This is a simple device which provides performance and economy gains by reducing the restrictive intake and helping enhance the ram air effect into the airbox. This works particularly well when used with an aftermarket exhaust and a suitably tuned chip.

The InDuct was developed to remove the restriction in the standard intake providing a much larger cross sectional area and a larger scoop at the front. It is a two piece hand made carbon fibre replacement for both standard items for the R1100S and R1100RT and R1150RT.

The InDuct is available now for the R1100RT, R1100S, and the R1100RS/R1100R/R1100GS/R1150RT/R1150RS/R1150R/R1150GS.

Future development will involve the R1200 series as well.

Lennies Rocket Sprockets are available for all single cam R259 models from 1994 to 2005 for the R850 to the R1150 and the K25 R1200 models from 2004 to 2009. They are not available for the R1200 twin cam models.

The main aim for the cam sprocket tuning was to improve midrange performance and torque delivery so that part throttle response was greatly improved for better throttle response, smoother running and the ability to run in a higher gear improving fuel consumption. They do this by moving the torque peak 800 to 1000 rpms lower dependant on the model.

I have many GS customers including the R1200GS that like the result of the fitment of the sprockets giving them much better bottom and midrange throttle response satisfying what they have been wanting for slower off road work.

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Download Free Rocket Sprockets Installation Guide